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On April 7th, MTV2, Epiphone, and Revolver held the first ever in the US Golden Gods Awards for metal music.  And Dethklok won their first award! 

As per the award show, they won the "Viking Bloody Dream Unicorn Killer" Award, aka Best International Band.

Dethklok accept the award "live" via satellite from Mordhaus.

If you want to see the whole award show, go to http://www.mtv.com/mtv2
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Of course, I start the DM and there is nothing new to post.  So I'll do a quick recap and will post details soon.

1) Dark Horse Comics will be releasing The Goon Vs Dethklok on July 15th.  This is a one shot comic with two covers, one by The Goon creator Eric Powell and one by Metalocalypse director Jon Schnepp. 

Keep an eye on http://www.darkhorse.com in the Comics Upcoming section.  Both covers are posted there as well as a link to an online comic book shop to pre-order at a discount.  There should also be a preview of the comic about two weeks before the release date.

2) The second CD is in the works and will be released this fall.  Probably about the time the 3rd season premieres.

3) The third season will premiere in November.  Also, the episodes will now be a half hour.  But we don't know if they will be shown as half hour episodes or as two-part 15 minute episodes.  Also, we have not yet heard how many episodes there will be in this season yet. 

Adult Swim has said they will have their Upfront on May 20th in NYC.  We may find out then.

4) Also this fall, probably in October in support of the 2nd CD and the 3rd season, we will get a 2nd tour!  No dates or cities yet. 

More as we get it.
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Well, that recent post about the creation of communities made me think about moving the Dethklok Minute over here.

Now, it may take me awhile to get use to posting the Metalocalypse related news here as well as LJ, but I shall. 
I should make a real news post soon.


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